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Astronomy and the Bible

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Sunday PM February 12th, 2012

Psalms 19:1-3

How often have you gone out at night and looked up into the stary heavens, beholding their beauty and number and left a sense of awe? If there is any thing that ought to humble us it is the awesome majesty of the creation. Psalms 8:3

This sense of awe is universal, a language that does not need words to convey; only eyes to behold.

Science is the study of natural law, the laws of nature that runs the visible universe. Theology is the study of spiritual law, runs the invisible. Both revel God.

Natural Law the laws by which the universe operates; Logic, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These laws woven together in an unseemed (?) tapestry which must be exactly right to make life possible. Every thing that exists obeys these laws! If the universe started by accident why should there be any laws at all? Let alone a tapestry of laws perfectly suited for life?

Evolution is the philosophy of anarchy! {Accident, chance} Many scientist are forced by evidence to acknowledge what has come to be termed "intelligent design." Which is another way of saying "Creator"!

I. Science and natural law The number of the stars is used to convey the idea of a great multitude: Genesis 15:5, Deuteronomy 1:10, 10:22, Jeremiah 33:22, Hebrews 11:12, The more we penetrate the universe the more the evidence cries out "creator." Intelligent design not accident.

II. The stars serve a practical purpose as well Like a giant time piece, Genesis 1:14 & 16, God preserves them, they worship, bow down before a superior being, Nehemiah 9:6 A witness to God's eternal power & Godhead, Romans 1:19-20 God calls them by name, Psalms 147:4, the constellations Job 9:9, 38:31-33 They are used by man for navigation.

III. Difference between astrology and astronomy Astrology (the superstitious worship of the stars) is condemned by God, Deuteronomy 4:19, 17:3, Jeremiah 8:2, 19:13, Zephaniah 1:5, & Acts 7:42

IV. What Astrology and Evolution have in common

1.) Worship and serve the creation not the creator Romans 1:20-25 (Both hold same philosophies foundational)

2.) Both denies the roll of the Creator (Creation controls the destinies of men not a Creator)

3.) Neither is a science, I Timothy 6:20-21

Astronomy is the scientific study of the heavens that will lead us to believe in the Creator.

Dr. Edward Young, a 17th century astronomer wrote:

Tis natures system of divinity,

And every student of the night inspires,

Tis older scriptures, writ by God's own hand:

Scripture authentic! Uncorrupted by man,

Eternity is written in the skies,

Devotion, daughter of astronomy!

An undevout astronomer is mad! Psalms 19:1-3, Romans 1:19-20

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