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Due to some technical difficulties links our this website haven't been working, to get around this as best as we can the URLs (Site addresses) are now listed below so you may copy/paste the URL into your web browser, sorry for the inconvenience, trying to work this problem out with our web host.

Churches in Michigan

This is a list of churches in Michigan that we fellowship with who have websites, if you're in Michigan but not near Burton, we highly recommend you visiting one of these churches.

Home Baptist Church

Mt.Morris, MI -Pastor Dan Gorden

Grace Missionary Baptist Church

Holly, MI – Pastor Bob Hopkins

Face book page:

Grace Missionary Baptist Church

Travers City, MI- Pastor Randy Graber

Cadillac Baptist Church

Cadillac, MI – Pastor Ryan Austin

Covenant Baptist Church

Troy, MI – Pastor Michael Farmer

12-Ryan Baptist Church

Warren, MI -Pastor Bill Brooks

Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Taylor, MI – Pastor Mike Jones

Grace Missionary Baptist Church

Wyandotte, MI – Pastor Gary Harrah

Flat Rock Missionary Baptist Church

Flat Rock, MI -Pastor Bob Hugan

Churches of like Faith and order                    

Church directories and resources

There are some very good websites dedicated to compiling lists of Sovereign Grace Missionary Landmark Baptists Churches as well as sermons and much more, rather then trying to repeat what these have already done we'll link to these sites so you can use their resources and directories yourself. These sites are a blessing. As much as we want this site to be all that it can be and will be adding more links as we find them, we hope God will bless you as you leave our website and go out to explore other websites.

Landmark Independent Baptist Church This is the website of the church in Archer FL, Pastor Greg Wilson, their website has a large directory of like Faith Churches.

Baptists Online Baptists online is a great website, they have articles, books, sermon audio and more!